It is November on the outskirts of an anonymous European city. Five different people are killing time in a variety of peculiar ways. But the pretence that their lives are under control is unravelling; all of them are trapped in the wreckage of recent love affairs. Wracked by insomnia, self-abandonment, midnight confessions and desperate behaviour, their lives soon take unexpected turns as they try to win back the objects of their affection.

Canciones De Invierno is a surreal comedy, inspired by the sorrows and absurdities of life. The film received the Jury’s Special Mention of Honour at Las Palmas International Film Festival.

Awards and festivals

Jury’s Special Mention of Honour Las Palmas International Film Festival
Best Director Medina del Campo Film Festival (Spain)
Best Shortfilm Award 2004 Lorca Film Festival (Spain)
Best Editing 2004 InCurt International Film Festival for European and Mediterranean Countries (Tarragona, Spain)
Special Mention of Honor 2004 Guadalajara Film Festival FESCIGU
Best Shortfilm Award 2004 Tarazona Comedy Film Festival

Official competition: Clermont-Ferrand, Los Angeles International Film Festival, Brussels International Film Festival, Granada International Young Filmmakers Film Festival, Barcelona International Film Festival (Spain), Pamplona Film Festival (Alternatif), amongst others.

Félix Viscarret, Writer/Director

Born in Pamplona in 1975, Félix Viscarret studied Film Direction at the William Patterson University in New Jersey, where he directed the short, Dreamers, which won several awards including the Special Mention of the Panorama Jury at the Berlin Film Festival (1999). Felix is currently in postproduction on his first feature film, Under the Stars (Bajo las estrellas), based on the novel El trompetista del Utopia by Fernando Aramburu and produced by Fernando Trueba.

Canciones De Invierno

29 mins/2004/35mm/Colour/ Scope 1:2.35

Writer/Director: Félix Viscarret
Producers: Félix Viscarret, Jose Carmona, Pablo Rabanal, Ismael Cia Alcorta
Main cast: Roberto Enriquez, Silvia Abascal, Chete Lera, Jorge Bosch, Jordi Vilches, Jimy Barnatan, Juana Acosta

A Félix Viscarret, Jose Carmona, Pablo Rabanal and Ismael Cia Alcorta Production

Courtesy of Karmafilms Distribution